Search Console Extension

Indispensable – and now also integrated in

​Ranking, Traffic and Content

on Google?


  • Where do your visitors come from?
  • What search term have they entered?
  • How do you rank on Google?
  • Which devices do the visitors use?

Wichtige Kennzahlen auf deinem Dashboard

Problems with SEO?


Stay ahead with the Search Console widgets. You’ll recognise immediately:

  • The top 6 pages in the shop
  • The top 6 search terms that get you traffic
  • The number of clicks, impressions, CTR
  • Your ranking for the most important search terms


Google pages

Which pages/products are visited most frequently in the shop?


Clicks, impressions, CTR, Google ranking
and all important vital data for your shop

Search terms

What search terms did your visitors enter into Google?

Check your SEO efforts this way

All data comes live from your Google Search Console

Simply extend. Add the Search Console widget to your dashboard today and stay on top of things.