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Your everyday companion in e-commerce | Analytics & Monitoring for online shops | Analytics & Monitoring for online shops

Detailed analyses are helping you out

Did a marketing campaign pay off?

How does a new product perform?

When do I make the most revenue?

Analytics and monitoring app for your online shop

Watch your visitors’ journey live

Screenshot of the Live Tracker


View the customer journey of your online shop

The live tracker shows you in detail what is currently happening in your shop.

Your shops.

Your widgets.

Your dashboard.


With you have the option of customising your dashboard exactly to your needs.
Add widgets from multiple shops to a dashboard and position them however you like! dashboard on your smartphone

keeps you

up to date

– no matter where you are.






Notification can do more. Discover optional extensions to give the finishing touch.

Google Pagespeed


helps with performance issues.



shows you the last payments.


Google Search Console


everything about your SEO on Google